Play Guarantee

Guaranteed to Make a Splash or Your Money Back


“The opposite of play is not work. It’s depression.”

– Brian Sutton-Smith

We guarantee that if you play this game at least 10 times over 30 days you will experience more joy from Air O Splash than just about any other game in your recent memory.

Air O Splash is a premium backyard game experience. Why settle for another cheap and generic yard game? In researching the market we purchased just about every game we could get our hands on. We were surprised how few were built with the end user in mind.

Our goal is that Air O Splash will be one of the rare purchases that you make that won’t give you buyers remorse.

Air O Splash was designed to give you countless hours of fun, we encourage you to take pride in this product and treat it with the love it deserves. We encourage you to follow our user care guide to get the most out of your set.